Buy Twitch Views and Followers

Twitch has been up and running now for about 9 years. Slowly gaining popularity with streamers. It is almost heart breaking for new users after you register an account and start your channel. You checkout other users streams only to find that they have 10000s of followers and thousands of viewers.

New Twitch Channels Struggle

A new twitch account with no followers and no views will be pretty much isolated from the rest of the Twitch community. Twitch seems to use an authority system to distribute content.

If your account is new with no interaction at all then without getting that initial interaction, your authority will stay at minimum levels and viewers count and followers count will stay very low.

Should You Buy Twitch Views and Followers

Some how or another you need to get your channel authority level up in order for your content to start getting out there. One way to do this is to Buy Twitch Views and Followers.

As your account starts to get attention and views, your authority level will go up and the amount of people that get notified every time you start a stream will increase.

It is essential to get those notifications out there when you start a stream and growing your authority is the easiest way to do it.

Buy Twitch Followers

The first service to consider buying for Twitch is followers. The more followers that you have, naturally the more stream viewers that you will get.

Increasing your following on twitch is one of the essential elements for growing a successful account. There are 2,000,000 plus twitch users out there and you need a few of them to discover your chanel in order for it to start growing organically.

Buying Twitch Views

Essentially there are 3 kinds of views that can be increased on twitch not counting Live Stream viewers. Thought increasing the 3 views types will automatically increase Stream viewers because of the authority increase and stream notifications.

Channel Views

Twitch puts a number to the amount of people who have ever viewed your channel and these are called channel views. The more channel views that you get, the higher your channel authority becomes.

Video Views

Twitch gives the option for you to upload videos as well as streaming options. You can also get views on these videos in order to increase your channel authority and channel reach.

Clip Views

Once your live stream is completed you may store clips on your channel and getting views on these clips will also increase yoru channel authority.

Channel Authority

As mentioned, Twitch seems to use an authority based model to rank content and then it will distribute higher ranked content more than lower ranked content. Your aim should be to increase your channel authority.

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